Aaron Lindquist
Director, Editor, & Writer


9/11 - In Memoriam

Today is the anniversary of September 11th. When I think of that day, it all seems like yesterday. I remember many innocent people losing their lives. Then I think of things like the rings of trees. There are trees that stand today which were born before the Magna Carta was signed. Trees which lived through the American Revolution and the Civil War. Trees which, if I'm honest with myself, will be here long after I am gone. The events of the last fourteen years will be a tiny fraction of a tree's growth cycle. They will be a point on a ring, but not the ring itself. 

We are each a part of time, but not time. We could see our existence as meaningless, in this sense. If we occupy such a small space how do our lives have an impact? The universe has a blessing in being both infinite and finite. The universal laws are something we don't have to contemplate in order to live each day. While we may not move the heavy machinery of our world, we are also a perfect expression of everything that world is. 

What will you choose to do today? Whether today is a memoriam, a denial, or an act of creativity or compassion for you, it's a tiny fraction of your entire life. There is a beauty in that.

Aaron Lindquist