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Death Becomes Him

Black Angel is the directorial debut of Roger Christian (Nostradamus), who served as art director on the original Star Wars. It played before The Empire Strikes Back in the United Kingdom, Australia and Scandinavia during its original theatrical release. It was believed lost (after the bankruptcy of Rank Film Laboratory) until 2011, when it was found by archivists at Universal Pictures and subsequently restored. 

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The Other Side of the Wind

I've been intrigued by the story of The Other Side of the Wind since first learning of it. Orson Welles began and abandoned many projects throughout the later years of his life, mostly due to financing issues. He simply did not have the social media and crowdfunding tools we have today to complete all the independent films his prodigious mind began (and hoped would be funded by disparate investors). His final film is one that has captivated the imaginations of many filmmakers, frustrated we have never been able to see it. 

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The First Cinematographers

Toward the end of the 19th Century, motion on film became a celebrated cause for a minority of photographers and inventors. In England, a still photographer named Eadweard Muybridge's natural curiosity incited his experiments with motion in 1877. Using multiple cameras, he captured the motion of animals and created the sense of movement by projecting the images onto a spinning disk, culminating in his invention of the Zoopraxiscope in 1879.  

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