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Cinemascope on the iPhone

What follows are my tests of the Moondog Labs 1.33x anamorphic adapter and the Ikan Fly-X3 Plus gimbal.

Since hearing about Sean Baker's use of the adapter on his Sundance hit Tangerine I have been curious how practical it might be to shoot a film using the iPhone. I write this, having had experience with everything from Canon to Sony to Panasonic to Red to ARRI digital cinema cameras. What matters to me is that the tool being used to shoot the film be able to tell the story of the film.

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Artificial Bodies

Despite its Frankenstein and Island of Doctor Moreau story pretensions, Ex Machina ends up a fable about men, their fear of insignificance and their desire to control. I found myself pondering what it said about the male gaze afterward. With plenty of young men alone watching pornography, it was no surprise to see robots who appear to be women and yet have no freedom to express themselves.

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